By | October 2, 2018

There are more and more homes and kitchens in the USA with a trash compactor now. This appliance is becoming more popular each year. A trash compactor is very convenient and helps to reduce garbage in a home. This machine is good for the environment too. But only if  the trash compactor is not broken.

There is a lot that can go wrong with a trash compactor even from a good brand such as Kenmore. The appliance uses several parts in order to successfully compact garbage. Therefore, you will want to read through our guide to better understand all of the parts of a trash compactor. The good news is all of the repairs are fairly easy and can be done in just an hour or two. Otherwise, there is always the option to hire an appliance repairman to service the machine for you.

My Kitchen Appliance has compiled a list of some of the most common issues that occur with trash compactors, how to identify them and how to repair them:


This list includes typical issues homeowners experience with their trash compactor:


Loud and unusual noises are common for broken appliances. This includes trash compactors. The part of a trash compactor most associated with loud noises is the compactor itself. This is a complicated part of the appliance and it can be difficult to purchase a replacement. In the event of a broken compactor, enlist the help of a local appliance repair company able to remedy the loud noise coming from the machine.


The truth is the main reason an appliance or trash compactor won’t start or turn on is that the machine is not plugged in. Sometimes an appliance will move during operation and lead to a cord coming unplugged. Another reason is a tripped circuit breaker. If neither are the reason the compactor won’t start, there is a good chance something is wrong with the start switch, directional switch or drive motor on the unit.


You will find one of the most common problems with a residential trash compactor is the ram. A trash compactor ram can become stuck during operation and lead to a broken machine. There are three parts of a trash compactor most often associated with this issue: directional switch, drive gear and power nut. You will want to troubleshoot each piece and determine which is causing the ram to become stuck in place and then replace that faulty part.


Your trash compactor should run until the garbage inside it is compacted. Then it should shut off and end the cycle. If this doesn’t happen, there is an issue with the appliance that needs attention. We recommend reviewing the start switch and the directional switch when this occurs to see which one is leading to the constant running. If needed, hire an appliance repair service in town to diagnose the issue and fix it soon after.


The trash compactor could turn on but not remain on for an entire cycle. This will result in garbage that is not compacted. This requires immediate attention and repair in order for the appliance to serve its purpose. In the event this issue occurs, we recommend consulting a local professional with experience in troubleshooting and repair trash compactors. There are several causes for this problem – in fact, too many, to even present a likely source.


You need the drawer on the trash compactor to both open and close in order to place garbage inside of it and in order to remove the compacted trash after a cycle is complete. Doors are very important when it comes to kitchen appliances as well as other household appliances – including both washers and dryers. The likely problem is that the drawer rollers or foot pedals are broken and need to be replaced.

My Kitchen Appliance is confident most of these repairs can be accomplished by a homeowner. However, we do not recommend continuing a repair if problems arise or you are not comfortable. In this case, please turn to an appliance repairman with training and experience. He or she will know the best course of action to safely and successfully repair the trash compactor. Here are some companies across the USA we recommend:

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